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Her need to create goes through the one to communicate, and for 15 years she participates in numerous expositions of big fame. A sculpture in metal grillagé of 8 meters of top animated the Chapel of the Salpêtrière to Paris, and receives the price of the city of German Saint- in- Laye in 1993. In the Gardens of the Tuileries in Paris, during the parlor of the French Artists, "shells- empty" Is the name of her performance, with personages in grid; numerous reports on French TV : F3, Paris Premiere, M6 and Liberation. The High Auvergne Museum expose seven of her monumental sculptures to decorate the "Way of Art". Eight others are exposed in the whole of Clermont-ferrand city in 1997. To the Salpêtrière it same year, "the time put the space in movement" with the Clock that she suspends in the middle of the choir. Silvia Tuccimei participates also to stagecrafts of theaterand concerts and creates the trophies of the 2nd one and 3rd festivals of the film "Jules Vernes Adventure". In 1999, at the "Big Market of Contemporary Art", she is invited it honor for the conception and the realization of a labyrinth "Sensory Spaces". Numerous demonstrations with "Artistes a la Bastille " "the Arch" Place de la Bastille Viaduct of the Arts and an exibition on the « House of the Métallos » in 2002. Video, installation and performance, " Room 341 " for the expo-événement " Tous en piste " Paris 11 eme in 2003. Zone. "Homo Précarius" to the space of the White Coats. A monumental sculpture on the Park of « Adventure land » Magny-en-Vexin. In 2006 she exposes its personages in white identifying strips and red, to the space Commines and to the Ateliers de Paris. In 2007: she made a monumental sculpture de 10 x 10 m.for Park of the Futuroscope of Poitiers "The magic tree" The Gardens of Montagny invite her for an Installation/perform ance around Tadeus Kantor "Dedales" Spaces Commines Paris 3 Sensory Labyrinths / Compétences : For the Nationals « Days of the Heritage » in September ,the city, officially invite her to invest the Leproserie of Gisors for a « Performance dance and video,( during 24 hours ) "Terra Incognita " with "the Désinents company " In 2008: "Palimpseste" a performance /paint and dances on the Place Ste Catherine Paris 3 Next November: Espace Commines / Paris "micro/ macro / mégalo. ..


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