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Born in Ukraine. Work as engineer designer but I try not to become a spiritual hostage to my work . Autodidact artist,whose imagination is developing according to the life experience with the post-Soviet imagery minds on the verge of schizophrenia which is manifested in recent time, converging with the impact of the literature and movies(basically mystic,like David Linch...) and with the great influence of love to pure nature - All this reflected on the yet unformed style which is trying to escape from the imposed system of the iron curtain of our exposed eastern European society. Tourist-Introvert by the nature I can stay by myself for a long time creating my own world while listening music and riding the bycicle through the forest. Maybe I chose painting to express myself because of philosophy of moments . Through our life we experience some beauty moments that happend accidentally (Some appear in the elementary things) or were gained by hard work . The same experience we can contemplate on canvas . Once we have laid some amount of paint on canvas we can not replay our acts . My paintings invoke somethings mysterious,perhaps because of rejecting the futility of existence by filling this with oracular sense . But I try not to fulfill the painting leaving the viewers to contemplate with their own imagination,whether it is poetically,perversely,funny or all at once.



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