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I was born in Paris and have been an interior designer for 25 years. Masters such as Dali, De Chirico, Picasso and Gaudi have influenced me as an artist. The curves and lines of the female body have always fascinated me. Playing with the effect of lights and shadows upon it is a great challenge and truly rewarding. By living in the Royal National Park in Sydney I have learnt to use my latest muse: Mother Nature. I am part of the local art trail in Bundeena. It is a magical experience to evolve and work with the sight of the sea, the forest’s smells and the kookaburras’ songs. I feel very lucky to work in such environment. My favourite materials are oil, acrylic, resin, gold leaf, clay and wood. Although I have been very happy in Australia since 2006, I sometimes miss the artistic and flamboyance atmosphere in cities such as Paris, New York, Barcelona, Firenze or Amsterdam. Being part of is not only for me a way to sell my art, it is to stay connected. I hope you will love my work and welcome me onboard. Please visit to have a glimpse at me working.


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