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I have made a conscious choice to portray this world from a different perspective and in so doing draw the viewer into a new world, a world in which all things are interconnected. In addition to my passion for photography, I have experience in many other creative visual arts fields. To me, creating is essential to existence. When I am creating, I am totally caught up, easily losing sense of time and becoming enveloped in the intense sensations of my surroundings. I strive to convey emotional experiences visually, as it is here that physical beauty gives way to the inner beauty of the experience. I enjoy showing people something in my images that they might not have otherwise noticed, especially something intriguing about themselves or the world they live in. Shatter the walls that bind your way of thinking and in so doing unleash your creativity. Embrace randomness and prepare to explore my world of photographic art. Embracing Randomness is making the most out of whatever situation you find yourself in; to find joy and adventure in the unexpected forks and bumps in the road of life. Artistically speaking, Embracing Randomness is to see something wondrous in an apparently aesthetically-lacking environment and create from it a new way of looking at the world. An artist my entire life, my craving for creative outlet never diminishes. Complacent is not in my vocabulary. My ability to do something will never be based on my past experience - If I haven



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