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David Perea is an internationally awarded philosophical artist and raw poet. His artwork has evolved into visionary dimensions that challenge impressions and perceptions of ourselves and of our planet. His passion for travel and curiosity for culture has allowed him to explore our planet through artistic and poetic dimensions. His artwork seeks to animate positivism, compassion, peace, higher consciousness and awareness about our world. For pure pleasure of expression, he creates contemporary photo escapes in diverse dimensions. Having lived in and traveled throughout many countries, David considers himself a citizen of the world. He has published several multilingual books of mixed media, fine art photography and poetry. His art and poems have been published in a sundry of websites and magazines. And he has had solo and group exhibitions, as well as poetry readings, internationally and in the US. Through visual poetry, mixed media and fine art photography, David Perea wants to inspire people to travel and appreciate our planet's cultural and natural diversity. His artwork celebrates the diversity of all life to foster its sustainability by living in harmony with nature and our souls. His philosophical approach to photography explores our world through aesthetic, holistic and spiritual perspectives. The use of reflections and the mix of poems with graphics represent duality that symbolizes the material body and the fine spiritual body of the soul. His artwork aspires to invigorate and exalt creativity as a vehicle to connect to the universe while looking within ourselves.


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