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Cedric Blatrie

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Welcome to the House Of Ced Art. In the abstract art of Cedric Blatrie, his contemporary style makes use of collage and attention-grabbing shapes and colors. A self-taught artist with a talent for oil painting, Blatrie creates original artwork with multiple layers, which takes the viewer into vibrant scenes of the art abstract. Cédric Blatrie is a self-taught artist. He launched into painting one day, and was quite successful at it. With Blatrie, we enter a world of sensation, colors, and geometric shapes in his abstract paintings. In his original artwork, where we see some influence of Staël, Blatrie catches our eye in his deliberate, contemporary style with an interesting display of shapes and a limited color palette. Blatrie invites us to ponder his mastery of art abstract. Working in Lausanne, Switzerland, Cédric Blatrie gives us a look at abstract paintings in his world constructed by touch, flatness, and powerful geometrical forms. This abstraction reminds us of the invisible, impalpable world of the unconscious. His abstract art is characterized by the use of large white canvases on which his work takes place. Adding material to create thick layers, Blatrie asserts his talent in the act of collage atop oil painting in his NeuroParty works. A lover of the big screen and music stars, Blatrie also creates black and white portraits of famous artists in his series entitled “Show Business,” with images of icons from the Beatles to the Godfather. Gradually straying from figurative art, his current painting style will no doubt delight aficionados of abstract art.


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