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I LOVE ART Hi to all. Thank you for showing interest in my work. I am a busy girl that never wants to grow up, living in a small city in scotland. I like all the simple things in life and my biggest wish is for my family and all the people I love and surround me to have peace and happiness within themselves.I am talented artist and paint everything that comes to mind.I use acrylics and other media including little mirrors. This makes it possible for the viewer to reflect himself and become one with the painting.My passion for people together with my family inspire me to paint and to try and make the world a better place for all. There is so much sadness and negativity in our world today. By using bright colours and messages of faith, love ,peace and unity I try to make life a little brighter.Reminding people that there are still so much beauty and brightness and good in our world. Little life lessons that we all so often forget in the struggle to fit in and survive. If I could only change the mood of one negative or sad person with my paintings to help him feel better, I have done more than I could wish for. I do hope that one of my paintings will brighten up your day in the same way that my family brightens up my day reminding me what life is all about and why I should paint.To make it all better. For myself, them and who knows... maybe even you!Live life and enjoy it, be happy, be yourself and notice only one thing everyday to brighten up your day! It really works!



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