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Still Life

If you see a painting of things grouped together that aren’t moving, you are most likely looking at a still life. Still life paintings most often represent non-living objects, which can be natural or not. Still life photography depicts inanimate objects as well. A still life composition is contrived and arranged according to how the artist chooses to arrange it. Still life artwork will often show a vase of flowers, fruit, or ordinary natural or man-made household objects set on a surface. In some contexts, still life paintings were meant to remind us of the fleeting of time and of life, as they represented the decay of natural objects.


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Maka Kvartskhava
Maka Kvartskhava Average price: 481€ 6704 views
les siamois
les siamois Average price: 180€ 3366 views
Stefan Fransson
Stefan Fransson Sweden Average price: 176€ 6316 views
Anthony Grimaldi
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samuel buisson
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Tabitha Downton
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Jean Rooney
Jean Rooney Average price: 2220€ 14413 views
Jacques Poiré
Jacques Poiré Average price: 500€ 5674 views
Ellen Fasthuber-huemer
Ellen Fasthuber-huemer Austria Average price: 648€ 13172 views
ARGADOL *_* Average price: 15€ 14438 views
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