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In principle a portrait depicts a particular person; it can take the form of a painting, a sculpture, a photography or any other artistic representation. Historically portraits go back 5000 years to ancient Egypt, making it one of the preferred artistic themes for artists. Artists have used this particular art form to show the power, importance, virtue, beauty, wealth, taste, and other qualities of their subjects but also to reveal their own personality. Portrait art has illustrated royalty, such as Goya’s representations of the Spanish royal family, as well as artist’s friends and lovers, as Picasso’s portrait gallery shows. As portrait photography slowly became a replacement for traditional portraiture, the number of those who had access to such a luxury became wider. Nowadays even though portraits have become a common form of expression, and even a common product of consumption, portrait painting continues to flourish.


Huger Guillaume
Huger Guillaume Average price: 0€ 3465 views
Amylee France Average price: 0€ 5519 views
Francesco Sapienza
Francesco Sapienza Average price: 0€ 6500 views
ARGADOL *_* Average price: 15€ 14629 views
Anna-Maria Pangilinan
Anna-Maria Pangilinan Average price: 48€ 5027 views
Samuel Ridge
Samuel Ridge Average price: 50€ 5968 views
Poisac Rémi
Poisac Rémi Average price: 60€ 3651 views
Clare Taylor
Clare Taylor Average price: 65€ 4155 views
antoine tonizzo
antoine tonizzo Average price: 70€ 4117 views
Pouzergues Thierry
Pouzergues Thierry Average price: 107€ 6546 views
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