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If you see a painting of the outdoors, it is likely landscape art. Landscape art depicts nature. Often landscape art will include the sky and whatever the weather is will be apparent. Landscape painting and landscape photography both usually show a wide view of the setting depicted, which is often the countryside, with anything from mountains to trees for instance. Landscape art can be either imaginary or based on a specific natural setting, and some landscape art depicts the city. “Pure” landscape art includes no humans or animal figures. Landscape art has been prevalent in both Western and East Asian Traditions, and the earliest works of art from ancient Greece are considered landscape art. Historically in East Asian art, ink paintings of mountains and natural scenery were among the most high-status genres of art, and Chinese landscape painting in particular has been very influential in the art world. Before the 17th century, Western landscape art appeared in the background of history or religious paintings, until landscape art become a popular genre in and of itself.


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Nicolas Adet
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Tikero Photographe
Tikero Photographe Average price: 92€ 30343 views
Jean Rooney
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Ellen Fasthuber-huemer
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Jacques Busnel
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Lepolsk Matuszewski
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Alexandra Kube
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Boillin pierre
Boillin pierre Average price: 829€ 8097 views
Toki Minimeuf
Toki Minimeuf Average price: 311€ 7917 views
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