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You may look at an abstract art painting and say “hey, I could do that!” or even think that your four year old sibling could produce the same work of art, because abstract paintings can be as simple as seemingly random strokes of painted color on canvas. Abstract art is often composed of color, shape, or line, without attention to any particular subject matter or figurative or realistic form. Abstract painting does not aim to show realistic images –its expressiveness comes from using line and color in interpretive ways rather than trying to portray images as they exist in reality. There are different degrees of abstraction: some works may be partially abstract and refer to a realistic depiction, and some may be totally abstract and completely nonrepresentational. Abstract art can be based on something in reality from which it has departed, or it may have no basis in reality at all whatsoever. Abstract art in both painting and sculpture has had a consistent presence in modern art ever since it began in the early 20th century.


Bruno Ducourant
Bruno Ducourant France Average price: 0€ 2683 views
Edson Franco
Edson Franco Argentina Average price: 0€ 3908 views
Maria Parmo
Maria Parmo Argentina Average price: 0€ 4154 views
Stephan Lemay
Stephan Lemay Average price: 0€ 5544 views
MADZIARA stéphanie
MADZIARA stéphanie Average price: 0€ 4144 views
Karen Bashura
Karen Bashura Average price: 0€ 4084 views
Huger Guillaume
Huger Guillaume Average price: 0€ 3233 views
vincent bardou
vincent bardou Average price: 53€ 4770 views
Clare Taylor
Clare Taylor Average price: 65€ 3961 views
philip Roberts
philip Roberts Average price: 65€ 4368 views
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