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Mixed media

Mixed media is a form of art which combines at least two different types of media. Mainly developed by artists in the 20th century such as Arman, Georges Braque or Picasso, mixed media art requires mastering various artistic techniques such as collage. Although collage and painting is usually that come to mind when speaking of mixed media, other techniques fields are commonly used by artist. Mixed media painting techniques are quite diverse; for example the term glazing is used to describe layering transparent colors. Wax resist is a term used when rubbing a white wax crayon on a surface before painting; it is used to create highlights in different areas of the artwork. Mixed media is to be differentiated from multimedia art, which combines visual art and non-visual elements. Mixed media collage refers to the art fundamental which implies that art can be made of anything or any combination of things.


Maria Parmo
Maria Parmo Argentina Average price: 0€ 4108 views
Jeffrey Gougeon
Jeffrey Gougeon South Korea Average price: 0€ 2466 views
Maria Pace-Wynters
Maria Pace-Wynters Average price: 0€ 5498 views
Huger Guillaume
Huger Guillaume Average price: 0€ 3193 views
ARGADOL *_* Average price: 15€ 13879 views
Tina Hl
Tina Hl Average price: 132€ 8581 views
Cécile Durand-Mignard
Cécile Durand-Mignard Average price: 134€ 5765 views
Jill Sanders
Jill Sanders United States Average price: 153€ 5593 views
Ana Heaton
Ana Heaton United States Average price: 166€ 2161 views
Linda Small
Linda Small Average price: 166€ 4574 views
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