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Everyone loves collage! There is something about it that reminds us of our early childhood! Collage art, which comes from the French coller (to glue), is a term used to illustrate both the technique and the resulting art work in which different objects or material are arranged and glued to a surface. Sounds easy, but when collage first made its appearance in the 20th century as part of modern art it was quite a revolution as it brought perspective to paintings. Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso are two of the main references in collage art; their work inscribed in the cubism movement recreated the relation between sculpture and painting. Other movements such as the Nouveau Réalisme and Pop Art used collage techniques. Since then collage art has been adapted and used throughout most artistic movements, using new material or supporting surfaces. Nowadays we could say that the use of Photoshop and other software is the modern adaptation of what once was collage.


Huger Guillaume
Huger Guillaume Average price: 0€ 3489 views
Maria Parmo
Maria Parmo Argentina Average price: 0€ 4461 views
ARGADOL *_* Average price: 15€ 14696 views
Stefan Fransson
Stefan Fransson Sweden Average price: 176€ 6402 views
anaka plexicienne
anaka plexicienne Average price: 190€ 3140 views
Emmanuelle de Rosa
Emmanuelle de Rosa Average price: 300€ 3418 views
Caleen Ladki
Caleen Ladki United Kingdom Average price: 416€ 7340 views
Julien Fougeras
Julien Fougeras Average price: 475€ 3540 views
ORSI PHILIPPE Average price: 478€ 5398 views
Baldocchi jeremie
Baldocchi jeremie Average price: 1221€ 5239 views
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