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If the work of art looks like a scene out of a crazy dream, it may be a work of surrealism. Surrealism is closely related to Freudian dream analysis and free association. Surrealist artists unveil the unconscious mind and release it into works of art. The Surrealist movement began in the 1920s when groups of artists would convene to discuss methods such as automatism, which is a popular Surrealist technique involving drawing or painting in free form, without thinking, in order to allow the unconscious mind to take over and produce the artwork. Surrealist painting is often characterized by bizarre scenes and subject matter, seen in the works of famous Surrealist artist Salvador Dali, who painted objects such as melting clocks. Works of Surrealism tend to surprise or even deceive the viewer, exemplified in works by René Magritte. Works of Surrealism can be playful and also dark and psychologically rich.


cedric villedieu
cedric villedieu Average price: 0€ 3603 views
Maria Pace-Wynters
Maria Pace-Wynters Average price: 0€ 5797 views
Malek Saadallah
Malek Saadallah Average price: 130€ 3664 views
Tate Juan Manuel Vargas
Tate Juan Manuel Vargas Average price: 250€ 4271 views
marcel flisiuk
marcel flisiuk Average price: 313€ 33992 views
Marc Vuillermoz
Marc Vuillermoz Average price: 322€ 6565 views
Olivier Amblard
Olivier Amblard Average price: 360€ 4507 views
David Perea
David Perea United States Average price: 595€ 6041 views
Yan Vita
Yan Vita Average price: 713€ 5951 views
Boillin pierre
Boillin pierre Average price: 829€ 7959 views
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