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Fine art Photography

Fine art photography is referred by many to a certain creative vision. Fine art and photography were only accepted as a whole until the mid-20th century by the art world, which left a small group (including Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Steichen, and Edward Weston, among others) of photographers hungry for recognition. At that time, Fine art photos tried to copy what was trendy at the time: paintings. This obviously didn’t achieve the success it was aiming for. The quarrel rested in the essence of photography (a mechanical reproduction of an image) and its relation with art and purpose... If photography was genuinely art, critics needed to define what made each photography so “attractive” to the viewer and therefore what differentiated one photographer to another or fine arts photography from documentary photography... the debate is ongoing.


Sauvadet Sylvain
Sauvadet Sylvain Average price: 0€ 3940 views
Francesco Sapienza
Francesco Sapienza Average price: 0€ 6667 views
MADZIARA stéphanie
MADZIARA stéphanie Average price: 0€ 4437 views
Jean-Baptiste Carlier
Jean-Baptiste Carlier Average price: 30€ 4027 views
Samuel Ridge
Samuel Ridge Average price: 50€ 6137 views
Poisac Rémi
Poisac Rémi Average price: 60€ 3736 views
Clare Taylor
Clare Taylor Average price: 65€ 4252 views
antoine tonizzo
antoine tonizzo Average price: 70€ 4271 views
Thomas Banfield
Thomas Banfield Average price: 74€ 2924 views
Dourneau Laurent
Dourneau Laurent Average price: 78€ 4816 views
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