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Our secure process

Artsetter: a trusted third party for both buyer and artist.





1. The artist displays artwork online
The artist uploads artwork into the Artsetter gallery for free, providing necessary details (medium, dimensions, etc..) including the price of the work for sale.

2. Order and Payment
The buyer selects an artwork and pays Artsetter by credit card, using a secured payment system through BNP Paribas bank. Artsetter informs the artist of the sale, who in turn confirms the sale within three business days.

3. Shipping
The artist/seller directly sends the artwork by standard UPS shipping within two business days following the order.

4. Transfer of payment to the artist
Once the order is received, the buyer confirms the delivery via the buyer’s profile page on the website. Artsetter then transfers the price of the sale to the artist, subtracting the 15% commission and shipping costs.

«Artsetter acts as a trusted third party between buyers and sellers, and guarantees that trasactions are carried out quickly, securely and problem-free.»

  • Easy: Upload your artworks into your gallery, set your price, and your art is immediately on sale with its picture and description.
  • Fast: All sales are final at the price set by the artist.
  • Free: Listing an artwork on the site is free of charge and completely unlimited. The commission does not apply until payment is received for a sale.
  • Safe: When you are notified of an order, Artsetter collects payment from the buyer. Therefore, the artist is guaranteed payment once the transaction is finalised.
Buying Artwork on Artsetter:
  • Easy: Artsetter provides a simple way to find and buy art that you love.
  • Fast: With just a few clicks, you can find and order your new artwork.
  • Safe: The artist is not paid until you have confirmed receipt your purchase. Artsetter guarantees delivery and our bank guarantees secure payment.
  • Investment: Buying new art is an investment for your future, both personally and financially. Our selection process gives you the opportunity to discover the best up and coming artists.
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